• Pray Always: What the New Testament Teaches about Prayer

Pray Always: What the New Testament Teaches about Prayer

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by Anthony Lee Ash

Prayer is one of God's greatest gifts to people, empowering them to do and be what He has designed. Beginning with Luke 11, Author Anthony Lee Ash examines what the New Testament says about this great gift. In Pray Always, we discover just how God instructs His people to use this amazing privilege.

Some of the many of the questions answered in his book are:

  • How should we pray for the sick?
  • Should we ever ask God to violate the free will of another person?
  • Is there ever a justification for a non-Christian praying?
  • What is the role of the Holy Spirit in Prayer?

Each chapter concludes with several "thoughts to ponder." These make excellent questions for a discussion class or for personal meditation.

"A prayer of thanks comes most sincerely from a heart deeply impressed by its recognition of complete dependence on God." - Anthony Lee Ash, Pray Always, page 153.

Anthony Lee Ash is Professor of New Testament at Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas, and holds a Ph.D. in Church History from the University of Southern California. He has lectured on many college and university campuses and preached for hundreds of churches around the country. His books include Decide to Love, Prayer, and commentaries on Luke, Acts, Jeremiah, Lamentations, and other books of the Bible.

ISBN: 9780891125662

Pages: 224

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