• Love First: Ending Hate before It's Too Late - DVD

Love First: Ending Hate before It's Too Late - DVD

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by Don McLaughlin

We don't just need to inspire more love. We need a revolutionary call to love better. 

For too long, Christians have settled for less than the matchless love of Jesus. This compromise has left us disastrously unprepared as hate has come out of the shawows and into the public light. More than ever, believers are tempted to give in to their fears, prejudices, and suspicions. Even worse, hate is now accepted as normal, and many remain unaware of its deep pull on their lives. 

In twelve film segments, Love-First offers a clear-eyed assessment of the current love/hate crisis and a practical strategy for how Christians can begin to truly love, especially those who do not love us in return. This 2-DVD set is filled with humor and hard-hitting questions. McLaughlin will surprise, inspire, convict, and challenge you with God's call to love as we have been loved. 

Companion Book Also Available

Disc One

1 Why Love-First Matters
2. How Love-First Changes Everything
3. God-Shape Love
4. Launching a Love-First Revolution
5. Love is Patient and Kind
6. Love is Not Envious

Disc Two

7. Love Is Not Boastful or Proud
8. Love Is Not Rude or Self-Seeking
9. Love Is Not Easily Angered
10. Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs and Never Delights in InJustice
11. Love Always
12. Ending Hate before It's Too Late

Don McLaughlin came to his personal faith in college, where he also met the love of his life, Susan. They raised five amazing adults, and they love being grandparents. After ministries in Ohio and Indiana, Don has served as the preaching pastor for the North Atlanta Church of Christ in Atlanta, Georgia, since 1997. This “Love First” church is known for its colorful diversity, commitment to Christ, and community impact. While pursuing his education through Harding, Emory, and Lipscomb universities, Don developed a deep appreciation for the different voices that speak into what it means to be the people of God in the world. His extensive global ministry experience cemented his conviction that global issues are solved by local believers who reshape their communities by living the faith, hope, and love of Jesus Christ.

ISBN/UPC: 9781684260317

Segment lengths: 16-18 minutes each

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