• Meditative Commentary: Hebrews & James: Brother Jesus

Meditative Commentary: Hebrews & James: Brother Jesus

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by Gary Holloway

Would you like to hear the voice of God more readily as you read the Bible? Have you heard meditation on Scripture but don't know how to begin? Would you like a way to energize your small group study or your Bible class at church?

If so, this meditative commentary series is for you. While there are many helpful commentaries and workbooks for Bible study, this series aims to help in a new way. Employing the classic Christian practice of "holy reading," it provides a method and structure for meditating on the word of God.

As you meditate on the books of Hebrews and James, God will open your heart to marvelous truths. Hebrews invites us to encounter Jesus as Creator, God's last best word to humanity. At the same time, we meet him as a human, just like us, knowing pain, doubt, and temptation. He calls himself our brother!

James calls us to hear the teaching of Jesus, the giver of wisdom. As we experience that wisdom, we receive an active spirituality that helps those in need. Such wisdom from above challenges the ways we often think, work, and live.

So enter into this quiet reflection on God's word, trusting that he will give us good gifts if we listen to and practice that word.

ISBN: 9780891125051

Pages: 112

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