• MC: Joshua, Judges, and Ruth: God Delivers His People

MC: Joshua, Judges, and Ruth: God Delivers His People

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God never abandons his people—even when we fail to trust him. He delivers us from evil.

Joshua is the story of the promised land. The Lord promised Abraham the land and now —many years later—he keeps his promise. The book of Joshua makes it clear that the conquest is the work of God. No human plan or might could have allowed Israel the victory. These stories remind us that our strength is in God alone.

Judges tells the story of what happens when God’s people are blessed. Often (as Moses warned them), Israel forgets who gave them the land. They go after other gods—the defeated idols of the countries they had conquered. Thus, there is a cycle to the stories in Judges. God’s people follow idols. God sends a nation to punish them. They turn back to the Lord, and God raises up a military deliverer (called a judge) to set Israel free. Soon, they again forget their allegiance is to the Lord alone, and they go back to idols. And the cycle continues. The good news in this discouraging cycle of disobedience is that the Lord does not abandon his people. When we return, he saves.

Ruth tells a smaller story. While Joshua and Judges speak of rulers and nations, Ruth tells of an Israelite woman, Naomi, and her Moabite daughter-in-law, Ruth, who is faithful to Naomi. She follows her back to Israel. She meets a distant relative who is also loyal to God and to his obligations to his relatives. Out of their faithfulness, Naomi’s fortunes are restored. And out of this small story of the faithfulness of little people comes the great King David. God is the hero of the story of Ruth, even though his name is rarely mentioned. The Lord works through the lives of those the world considers little people to bless the entire world.

Gary Holloway is the past Executive Director of the World Convention of Churches of Christ. Before that he taught spiritual formation at Lipscomb University in Nashville. Holding degrees from Freed-Hardeman, Harding, The University of Texas, and Emory University, he has written or edited over thirty books, including several volumes in the Meditative Commentary on the New Testament series. He is married to Deb Rogers Holloway.

At least half of effective, life-changing Bible study is learning to ask good questions: good questions about God, about ourselves, and about what God might be calling us to do through these texts in our contemporary lives and world. Unfortunately, few commentaries move beyond questions of history and critical method, often leaving Bible readers wondering whether Scripture has anything pressing to say to them. This is the niche Holloway’s Meditative Commentary fills so admirably. Prepare to be challenged by someone who knows how to ask good questions and how to teach us to ask better ones.”

Kevin J. Youngblood, Professor of Biblical Studies, Harding University

ISBN 9781684264353

Pages 144

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