• Engage All Generations: A Strategic Toolkit for Creating Intergenerational Faith Communities

Engage All Generations: A Strategic Toolkit for Creating Intergenerational Faith Communities

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By Cory Seibel


Engage All Generations suggests how every church can build on its potential and become a more vibrant witness of God’s Kingdom. Divided into three sections, the book focuses on key growth edges in the unfolding conversation about intergenerational ministry: “Learning and Growing Together,” “Praying and Playing Together,” and “Leading and Changing Together.”

Practical, accessible, encouraging, and thought-provoking, this book provides the crucial next building block in our understanding of intergenerational ministry. It is sure to benefit congregations already engaged in fostering intergenerational approaches and those desiring to experiment with becoming intentionally intergenerational.

Cory Seibel, PhD, is a pastor at Central Baptist Church in Edmonton, Alberta. He earned his MTh degree through Spurgeon’s College in London and a PhD in Practical Theology from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Cory is a frequent guest speaker at churches, camps, conferences, and retreats. He also is an adjunct professor at Taylor Seminary in Edmonton and a research fellow with the Department of Practical and Missional Theology at the University of the Free State in South Africa. He previously served churches in North Dakota and Virginia and spent eight years as a full-time seminary professor.

“We all know it is true: we have lost far too much of this rich, God-given identity as faith communities. This makes this book so timely and of critical importance. It sometimes feels to me like the climate-change situation. We need a summit of international proportion. How close are we to a point of no return? This beautiful contribution will for sure help us—not only to avoid that point but to encourage and guide every bold step in local faith communities to ‘learn and grow together, to pray and play together, to lead and change together.’”

—Prof Dr. Malan Nel, Senior Research Fellow, University of Pretoria, South Africa

“This book comes at a pivotal time for the western church. We desperately need to grapple with how to grow lifelong disciples in a world with widening generational divides. The writers provide thoughtful, theologically grounded perspectives for those asking, Why intergenerational? They offer a powerful vision of what can be gained, and a breadth of practical approaches for implementing this vision. I want all of our pastors to read this book!”

—Karen Warner, Leadership Coordination Director, Baptist Churches of New Zealand

Engage All Generations is called a toolkit for good reason. Cory Seibel has assembled a fine collection of chapters giving those who wish to encourage their church to explore intergenerational ministry lots of specific ideas for how to proceed, written by those who have actually done it. This book is a valuable resource for anyone looking for ways to make their church more intergenerational.”

—Robert J. Keeley, Professor of Education, Calvin University, coeditor of Bridging Theory and Practice in Children’s Spirituality

“Like good intergenerational ministry, Engage All Generations has something for everyone. Whether you’re new to the party or you’ve been tearing it up on the intergenerational dance floor for years, the wise practitioners in this book invite you to more deeply consider the current state of all-age ministry and to try out some moves that they’ve been practicing in their contexts. So join the party—and don’t be afraid to attempt something new as you make your way onto the dance floor.”

—David M. Csinos, Assistant Professor, Atlantic School of Theology, founder of Faith Forward


“Intergenerational Ministry is still in its infancy as a discipline. Engage All Generations helps with the maturation process by bringing together biblical, theological, theoretical, and practical ideas to be considered and experimented with. These ideas will no doubt be a significant catalyst for further learning and development in the dialogue around intergenerationality.”

—Gareth Crispin, Lecturer in Practical Theology, Cliff College, UK


Engage All Generations is a very helpful, informative, and resourceful collection of essays on the intergenerational church. The topics and issues covered address a wide range of theological, pastoral, and developmental insights to be considered in clarifying strategies for an integrated ministry for all ages. The commitment and passion expressed by the contributors is encouraging and representative of the importance of embracing the benefits of being an intergenerational church.”

—Dr. Paul Pearce, Centre for Healthy Aging Transitions (CHAT), Vancouver, BC 

“If you are looking for practical and creative ways to engage all generations in the church, look no further. This newest book from Intergenerate is a gathering of stories and experiences that together cast vision, invite creative practices, and equip ministry leaders as they explore a new way of being for the church, one where all generations come together as the church to live life together as faithful followers of Christ. As the subtitle states, this compilation of essays is truly a strategic toolkit—one that can shape the foundation of church life.”

—Mimi L. Larson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Christian Formation & Ministry, Wheaton College


“In this book, Cory Seibel and his team of contributors have wonderfully illustrated for the Church the why, when, and how of Intergenerational ministry.”

—Ron deVries, Christian Reformed Church in North America Youth Ministry Catalyzer, Ambassador for ThereforeGo Ministries


“The shared vision cast in these pages will heighten our imagination for becoming the body of Christ. The authors embrace interdependence across the generations as the foundation for ministry design. Providing theory, practice, and leadership examples, this book beckons us to invest in community faith formation and discover the Spirit’s transforming movement among us.”

—Dr. Sharon Galgay Ketcham, author of Reciprocal Church, professor at Gordon College, MA

Engage All Generations is another welcome opportunity to listen in on the conversation among the community of practioner–theologians of intergenerational ministry. The combination of Bible, theology, and practice will help inspire and equip readers to develop intergenerational practice, as well as help persuade others to catch the intergenerational vision.”

—Graham Stanton, Director, Ridley Centre for Children’s and Youth Ministry, Melbourne


Engage All Generations lives up to its toolkit tagline. It provides endless practical ideas and strategic thinking in an easy-to-understand format. This book will provide a great resource for those just starting out on the intergenerational journey as well as for those a bit further down the track.”

—Jodi Brook, Director, Grow Ministries, Lutheran Church of Australia


“An interesting, context-sensitive, and relevant resource, presenting strategies that are biblical and theologically informed on why and how to establish and enhance intergenerational ministry. A must-read for ministers.”

—Prof Anita Cloete, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

“Rich with case studies and storytelling, this book offers something to those starting out as well as those further along the journey. I greatly appreciated the wealth of advice for church leadership looking to bring about change in their faith communities.

—Annette Osborne, Ministry Specialist, Scripture Union International and Scripture Union, Aotearoa, New Zealand


“Marrying theological underpinning with practical wisdom, it challenges the church to rethink how it patterns its worship and life so that the generations come together and flourish in faith. Wherever you or your church is on the journey, these essays offer encouragement, inspiration, and practical further steps.”

—Rev. Mary Hawes, National Children and Youth Adviser for the Church of England


Engage All Generations is a smorgasbord of ideas for those intrigued by and/or curious about intergenerational ministry. It offers a menu ranging from philosophical and theological foundations to practical ideas and tools for ministry. I found myself most especially drawn in by the stories, successes, and challenges as entry points for exploration and implementation. It is an important addition to the conversation about intergenerational ministry. I will be returning to this table for nourishment again and again.”

—Dr. Tori Smit (DEdMin), Regional Minister for Faith Formation, Synod of Central, Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda, The Presbyterian Church in Canada, Toronto


“Filled with hopeful stories, theological reflections, and practical insights, Engage All Generations offers an international, pandenominational, and interdisciplinary lens on why intergenerational communities matter—biblically, theologically, and culturally—and how to intentionally foster a meaningful and vibrant intergenerational ministry culture. This book wisely calls readers to experience the abundance that arises in congregations where different age groups are integrated as vital participants. In the process, readers will capture a holistic and life-giving approach to discipleship.”

—Dr. Joel Thiessen, Professor of Sociology at Ambrose University, coauthor, The Millennial Mosaic



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