• Legacy Changer: Heal the Hurt, Redeem Your Story, Create Hope for Your Family

Legacy Changer: Heal the Hurt, Redeem Your Story, Create Hope for Your Family

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God wants to redeem your story.

Do you feel stuck in cycles of brokenness? Many of us unknowingly repeat the mistakes of our parents and grandparents, passing on pain and suffering. No matter what has happened in the past or what mess you might be in today, you are not destined to carry on your family’s wounds, unhealthy behaviors, or toxic relationships. It doesn’t have to be this way. Your legacy can be different, and the change starts with you. The tools, truth, and hope offered in Legacy Changer will help you

  • understand the brain and body science of emotional wounds.
  • heal from generational pain.
  • set boundaries in your relationships—the way Jesus did.
  • lead your family toward a more hopeful future.

    Kristen Hallinan is passionate about helping women redeem the pain of their past and move toward a healthier and more hopeful future. On mission to equip women and support families, Kristen previously worked as Director of Development for MOPS International. She enjoys working with teen moms, crisis pregnancy centers, and serving as a premarital mentor with her husband, Shawn, in Dallas, TX, where they live with their four children. You can find her other writings in publications like Relevant Magazine and The Joyful Life.

    “Kristen’s book explores the intersection of pain, healing, and spiritual formation, integrating scientific knowledge, scripture, and a faith in God who offers a path to freedom. Legacy Changer offers a unique perspective on considering our suffering and finding solace in a God committed to our generational healing. It is a delightful read.”
    —Karrie Scott Garcia, author of Free and Fully Alive, Trauma Informed Story Coach, Host of The Honest Pod podcast

    “As a therapist, all the tools I would want you to have for coping are included here. Even better, the person of Christ, who compassionately enters our stories, is exalted in this hands-on guide for overcoming trauma.”

    —Kristen Hatton, Professional Counselor and author of Parenting Ahead

    Kristen beautifully shows us just how important it is to deal with the pain of our past and work toward what matters most. She helps us transition our mindset to the truths of Jesus while ushering us into a healing journey.”

    —Nicole Jacobsmeyer, speaker and author of Take Back Your Joy

    Legacy Changer is a vital toolkit for gently reflecting on past trauma (no matter how big or small) in order to write a new story. Kristen walks alongside readers, providing pragmatic resources to work through past wounds to gain a better understanding while also providing biblical wisdom for healing. This book invites you to handle yourself with tender care to walk in a new path. It’s a must-read."

    —Mandy AriotoPresident and CEO of MOPS International

    "We all experience legacies on this side of heaven. One, passed down, that we didn’t create. The other, we entrust to the Lord as we seek, with hope, to allow him to pen a story only he could write through us. If you’ve struggled to heal past hurt and allow God to redeem your story, Kristen’s wisdom will encourage you as you take step after step toward true healing—the kind only found in the safe, loving arms of our heavenly Father."

    —Rebecca George, host of the Radical Radiance podcast and author of Do the Thing: Gospel-Centered Goals, Gumption, and Grace for the Go-Getter Girl

    “Our past may indeed describe our present, but it need not define our future. Legacy Changer is a raw and real testimonial of how the gospel speaks to the trauma we experience in our lives. Kristen writes as one who is no stranger to pain and disappointment, but also as one who has experienced first-hand how the real Jesus brings beauty from the ashes in each of our stories. Legacy Changer is filled with wise and practical strategies for working through past hurt. But more than that, it is a story of grace, brimming with hope, that I am delighted to recommend.”

    —Adam Ramsey, lead pastor at Liberti Church, Gold Coast, Australia; Director of Acts 29 Asia Pacific; author of Truth on Fire and Faithfully Present

    We all have brokenness in our families—but it can be hard to know what to do about it. Kristen’s Legacy Changer is exactly the tool we’ve all been needing. Using biblical wisdom as her guide, she invites you to handle yourself with tender care as you heal and guide your family along a new path. Kristen’s story not only inspires us to redeem the wounds of our past, but it is an excellent toolkit with practical, actionable steps. If you’ve been looking for hope for your family, this is the book you need.”

    —Teresa Swanstrom Anderson, Bible teacher, speaker, host of the Living Lighter podcast, and author of Saying Yes in the Darkness, Finding Your Place in God’s Story, Living for What Really Matters, and Beautifully Interrupted

    ISBN 9781684262977

    Pages 208

    Dimensions (inches) 5.5 x 8.25

    Weight (pounds) .5

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