• I Want to Move On: Break Free from Bitterness and Discover Freedom in Forgiveness

I Want to Move On: Break Free from Bitterness and Discover Freedom in Forgiveness

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You know you should move on—so why can’t you?

Regardless of how long ago you were hurt, feelings of betrayal, bitterness, and confusion still repeat in your mind. You find unwanted thoughts creeping in:

I would never do to them what they did to me.

How can they be a Christian and act this way?

God, why did you allow this?

My bitterness isn’t as bad as what they did to me.

But I didn’t do anything wrong.

If I don’t fight for myself, no one will.

Each chapter addresses a different unwanted thought and combats them with biblical truths to give you the practical tools to beat bitterness once and for all.

By exposing bitterness and trusting God to bring justice in his way, you can finally get your life back! What are you waiting for? Open the book!

Lauren Vander Linden is passionate about making complex issues simple by understanding and applying God’s Word. As a former worship pastor, speaker, and business leader at a Fortune 250, she has had to forgive and receive forgiveness from many people! She and her husband, Travis, call Des Moines, Iowa, home, but they also love to travel. On their adventures, you can catch her husband looking at the views and Lauren incessantly looking around to avoid dangerous wildlife. You can find more writings about faith, travel, and lifestyle on laurenvanderlinden.com.

If you’ve been hurt deeply but can’t let go of the bitterness that gnaws at your soul, this beautiful book is for you. Drawing from her deep well of faith and personal experience, Lauren Vander Linden guides you with compassion on a transformative journey toward forgiveness. I Want to Move On is more than just a book; it’s a lifeline for anyone seeking healing and peace.”

—Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of Growing Slow, It’s All Under Control, and Stuff I’d Only Tell God

Like many of you, I have been on the receiving end of pain brought on by others and wrestled with bitterness and unforgiveness to find healing. This book is a thorough exploration of such a journey and how God desires to heal every wound you hold. A beneficial read for the person struggling to find freedom and wanting to finally move on!”

—Brittany Rust, pastor, Bible teacher, author

"As Christians, we talk a lot about forgiveness. We expect to be able to forgive and move on. But actually living what we believe is no easy task. We carry hurt, bitterness, and pain for years, even after a lifetime. Lauren offers a catalog of human emotions, excuses, and the help we all need to actually move forward and find the freedom Christ offers. Her engaging format and conversational style will meet you wherever you're feeling stuck." 

—Chase Replogle, pastor and author of The 5 Masculine Instincts 

This book was like sitting down and chatting with a friend. Lauren is real and relatable and teaches you how to truly forgive those who have hurt you and the freedom that comes from that. It’s backed up with tons of scripture and will help you on the journey of truly healing the pain and bitterness and find the freedom God desires for you.”

—Brenna Newman, Bookstagrammer, @brennas_book_corner

I Want to Move On is the book I wish I had years ago. Forgiveness, redemption, and healing are hard topics, but Lauren brings so much life, clarity, and love to them. With honest vulnerability and rich exposition of God’s Word, I Want to Move On will give you practical tools to move on in faith and hope from what has been holding you back.”

—Tara Sun, author of Surrender Your Story, and host of the Truth Talks with Tara podcast

ISBN 9781684260041

Pages 160

Dimensions (inches) 5.5 x 8.25

Weight (pounds) .5

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